Relocating from the U.S. to London? Top schools.

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If you are relocating from the USA to London, you may want your child to continue in the American education system or to move to a British or an international school.  Read our tips below for a smooth education transition, based on your London location.  

1. Living in Central London

If you plan to live in Central London, the American School in London (ASL), will be one of your first choices.

ASL is a long-established American school in St John’s Wood, with excellent facilities.
American school London ASLASL follows the US curriculum, taking children from 4 all the way to 18.   The 50 different nationalities represented at the school give it a truly global outlook, whilst at the same time focusing on providing an American education.  An added advantage is the buses which pick kids up from their homes every morning.

The school has been rated “outstanding” across the board by Ofsted and places a high percentage of students in Ivy League universities.   ASL is over-subscribed with a high demand for places, so it is advisable to apply to several other schools just in case.

ACS Hillingdon, an American School outside London, operates a bus service from central locations such as St John’s Wood, Kensington,  Marylebone and Notting Hill.  ACS Hillingdon offers both the traditional American High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma as well as the US Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

In Westminster, Central London, Southbank International school is a great option, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

British curriculum schools in central London include the co-educational Eaton Square, Mayfair and all girls Queen’s Collegeboth of which are experienced in catering for expat families and children moving from the US to the UK system.

2. Living in West London

If you plan to live in West London, the International School of London (ISL), provides a welcoming environment for expat families.  Like Southbank and the ACS schools, ISL teaches the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.  The IB is  seen by some as an easier transition for children moving from the US education system.  ISL has two campuses- one catering for children up to 16 years in Chiswick and a second catering for kids from 16- 18 years in Ealing.

3.  Living in Richmond, Surrey 

If you plan to live outside London, RichmondRichmond, Surrey in Surrey is a popular family area with lots of green spaces and close proximity to the river.  ACS Cobham and ACS Egham should be at the top of your list.   A shuttlebus service operates via Richmond and other Surrey areas to ACS Egham.  Similarly the shuttlebus for ACS Cobham picks up students living in Esher, Guildford and Weybridge.  Both schools offer the traditional American curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.  ACS Cobham also teaches US Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  The ACS schools welcome students from over 100 countries and are experienced in catering for expat families.  As well as being academically outstanding, they offer excellent drama, music and sporting opportunities.

For more information on international schools in London, read our blogs on French schools and Arabic schools.   

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