At Lumos, we provide expert Education Advice for Expat, UK and International Clients

Our director and senior consultants each have over 2o years’ experience of both UK and international education systems and all aspects of British culture.   Our clients benefit from our high level of expertise. 

Our tutors and mentors are subject specialists and are carefully selected for their experience and their proven ability to help children to achieve their goals.

As a small company, we are able to provide a dedicated service for both our private and corporate clients.

We aim to support our clients and their families to achieve their potential and take great care to ensure that our education advice is tailored to each individual’s needs.  Our approach very much client-focused and we listen carefully to your feedback to make sure that you are comfortable with education decisions and the content of our cultural programmes.  

We enjoy working in partnership with young people, their families and with schools to help children thrive and excel.  



Johanna is an experienced educator and linguist.  Educated both in the UK and abroad, she has worked as a tutor and manager of specialist education and cultural programmes, both in the UK and overseas.  Having studied at London University and the Sorbonne, and worked in an international role in Whitehall, UK central Government, she has an in-depth knowledge of both European and international education systems.   Whilst working in Whitehall, she was encouraged to set up Lumos Education by colleagues at the Russian and Chinese embassies, who had benefitted from both her academic and her cultural knowledge.  Having lived in many countries, Johanna understands the obstacles clients can face when moving to another culture.   As a parent herself, she fully appreciates the challenges that parents meet when relocating to another country.   


Will has worked in many senior roles within the UK education system, both in the state and independent sectors.  He was educated in the UK, specialised in History and Politics at the University of Exeter and graduated from the Institute of Education, Will’s wide-ranging experience includes day, boarding, special schools and sixth form colleges.  His specialism is secondary level education. He also has significant pastoral experience through working at Oakham School, as a private tutor and managing sports camps over the last five years.  Will enjoys working with families from all over the world and helping them achieve their education goals.  


Chris is an experienced teacher and father of two children. Educated  in the UK, he has worked in the British education system for fifteen years.  His specialism is secondary level education and he has considerable experience of preparing students for GCSE and A level examinations.   He is an expert in special academic needs, including Autism and Aspergers, and has worked with many students to support them to achieve academic success and realise their goals.  He enjoys working with both UK and expat families and using his expertise to enable children to achieve their learning goals.


An International Business graduate of Nottingham Trent University and of Damar International School in Saudi Arabia, Sally is bi-lingual in both Arabic and English. She is experienced in both UK and Gulf education systems.   She enjoys supporting clients from the Middle East who are relocating to the UK or sending their children to school or university here.  She is experienced in helping clients negotiate the differences between UK and Middle Eastern cultures.   


Zhi is bi-lingual in both Mandarin Chinese and English. She studied Automobile Engineering in China and has a Master’s in Environmental Technology Engineering from Hull University in the UK. She has a wealth of knowledge of both Chinese and UK education systems and she enjoys advising Chinese clients who are relocating to the UK.   She supports in the delivery of cultural programmes for Chinese clients making the transition to the UK.  Zhi also has considerable experience in translating and interpreting from Mandarin into English.


Liz has 30 years experience both working in and advising higher education institutions both in the UK, China and Hong Kong.    She has strong working relationships with several leading UK universities on key areas including business and marketing.  Liz is a lecturer on the MA programme at Nottingham Trent University, HKDI ( Hong Kong) De Montfort University, University of East London and University of Nottingham’s Business school.  

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Whilst working in international policy in Whitehall in the 1990s and 2000s Lumos Education’s founder, Johanna, delivered international programmes for colleagues in the European Union and further afield.  In 2003, she was asked by colleagues at the Russian and Chinese embassies for advice on education choices for their children, for support English tuition and for advice on navigating the British culture.

Inspired by the success of the children of the international clients she helped, she continued tutoring in London and in 2005 was asked by the Lawn Tennis Association in London to set up a small, select school to educate young, aspiring Wimbledon players from all over the world.   She developed both education and cultural programmes for pupils and parents at the school.  

This proved to be extremely successful with young players achieving top grades aged 13 and 14, two years early. Having seen the excellent results that could be achieved with high quality education and cultural support, Johanna continued to work as an international consultant. She set up Lumos Education, with other education professionals, in 2013 to continue to provide honest, impartial and education and cultural advice to both UK and international families.   Johanna chose the name Lumos for the company because it derives from the Latin root Lumen, meaning light or glow. 

Case Studies

U.S family looking for schools after relocating back to UK

A family based in the US were relocating back to the UK.  Their three sons were very happy at their school in New York and the family were concerned that the transition to life in the UK be managed as smoothly as possible for their children.  They approached us to ask to organise London schools where the boys would be happy and excel.  We were able to do this successfully.  

Moscow family looking for UK boarding schools

A family based in central Moscow were looking to send both their daughters to boarding school in the UK aged 13. They approached us when both girls were 9 and 11.  The family did not want a resident tutor, as both girls were at school during the day time, but they were happy to consider online tuition.  We arranged for an experienced English tutor to prepare the girls online for the 13 plus entrance examinations.  Both girls were successful, gaining entrance to Marlborough and Wycombe Abbey.

Intensive tutoring plan for A level support for London family

A London family whose son left his school 4 months before his final A level examinations. The family and their son were concerned that his academic success should not be jeopardised.  We arranged for three sympathetic tutors to come into the family home in London during the week and to construct a intensive tutoring programme based on a normal school day.  The young man achieved excellent A level results and was able to go to his first choice university.