Assessment and Selection


Assessment and Selection for Graduate Employers

Our Assessment centres exercises and interviews are designed to help you to find the best graduates for your company. 

Based on your ideal employee profile, we can either:

  1. Design assessment centre tests and interviews for your company to test for the skills and aptitudes that you want in your employees


  1. Manage the assessment centre and interview process with tests and exercises that your company has drawn-up in-house. 

Assessment centres that we have designed can include:

  1. Group exercise.  This may consist a case study or project related to your company. Group exercises are designed to test candidates’ problem-solving and team-working skills
  1. Presentation.  Often part of the case-study exercise, the presentation tests applicants’ public speaking skills and also how they able to critically evaluate information in a short period of time.
  1. Written task. This can form part of the case study exercise or a completely different task asking the candidate to evaluate and problem-solve a scenario particular to your work-place. 
  1. Aptitude and psychometric tests.  These can be completed online before the assessment day, but we can ask candidates to repeat them to confirm the results.
  1. Interview.   The amount of interviews we carry out will be based entirely on your requirements and the job role.  Applicants can have one or more interviews.


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