Relocating? Which school system do you choose for your children?

Many expat parents relocating to London choose to send their children to international schools, as this allows them to continue

Teenage Students In IT Class Using Computers In Classroom

Computer Coding in the Curriculum

Many parents worry about technology.  Whilst we urge our offspring to spend less time on screens and limit their access


Featured London school: Francis Holland, Sloane Square

One thing that girls’ schools can really excel in is understanding girls – what makes them tick, how they study


Should I educate my child privately?

Many parents ask themselves this question.  Will my child have access to better opportunities?  Will he or she thrive and


Qualities of a successful tutor

Building an atmosphere of trust and respect is key to the tutor/tutee relationship. A student who trusts and respects his tutor and his tutor’s abilities is happy and relaxed. And feeling happy and relaxed are key ingredients to successful learning.

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