London House white terraced

Relocating to London? Which London School is best for your child?

Choosing a school in London can be daunting for expat and international families.  The best schools in London are over-subscribed


There’s Something About a Convent girl….

Question: What do Germaine Greer, writer; Ana Patricia Botin, Chair of Santander and Anya Hindmarsh, designer, all have in common?

Mother having discussion with son

GCSE exam stress: how can I best support my child?

The GCSE exams have started and many parents will be wondering how best to support their children through this key


Relocating? Which school system do you choose for your children?

Many expat parents relocating to London choose to send their children to international schools, as this allows them to continue

Teenage Students In IT Class Using Computers In Classroom

Computer Coding in the Curriculum

Many parents worry about technology.  Whilst we urge our offspring to spend less time on screens and limit their access

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