Cultural Programmes


Developing poise and confidence in a new country

Whether you are relocating as an individual or with your family, or sending your child to boarding school or university in Britain, our cultural programmes will help you to become familiar with British culture and mores.  Moving to an unfamiliar country can be unsettling.  We support our clients to become more familiar with British culture so that they are fully prepared for their transition to the UK.    Both our British Cultural Training and Expat Transition Training programmes help you to feel comfortable and at home in the UK.

We develop a tailored programme for you and your family focused on you unique needs and interests.   

For adults, this cultural knowledge will help you settle into your workplace and establish friendships in the UK.  For children, it will help them settle more easily into their new school or university.  Our aim is to ensure that you feels confident and at ease with all aspects of British culture.

Our son really benefited from his cultural programme in London.  He told us that he now feels much more confident about starting at his boarding school in September”

Hong Kong family

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