Home schooling


Home schooling: a viable alternative

As a family, you may be considering home schooling for various reasons.    In many circumstances, it is beneficial for a child to be tutored in the home environment.  Your child may be preparing for the British education system, may have missed out on a school place or be struggling with mainstream education.  At home, he or she will receive individual attention and intensive tuition.

Home schooling is recognised as a viable alternative by Lumos Education.  We have tutors who are experienced in providing home schooling programmes tailored to your child’s needs.  Tutors typically deliver up to five hours’ tuition per day.  Tuition can be combined with sports, musical and creative activities.  Tutors can work with several siblings.

Whether your goal is for your child to return to mainstream education, or to continue to be educated in the home environment, we can help them to excel academically and achieve their goals.

You were a great help to us when my home-educated daughter was preparing for her GCSEs. We had been feeling overwhelmed and you gave my daughter the confidence to know she could pass. Which she did! I highly recommend you.


Cornwall, UK

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