Bridging the gap

Studying at a boarding school or university away from home can sometimes be overwhelming for young people.  Children often need additional support to help them succeed.  Boarding schools and universities have support systems in place, but more input from an experienced mentor can be valuable.  For overseas, international or busy professional families, the knowledge that a mentor can bridge the gap between home and school can offer peace of mind.  A mentor can visit your child at their school or university to help motivate and guide them to become confident and successful in their studies.  The mentor will work closely with your child to ensure that he or she gets the very best possible results from their schooling. 

Your mentor will:

  • Work with your child to plan clear study objectives. He can work on study skills with your child to find which study methods work best for him as an individual.
  • Visit your child at school to provide moral support and encouragement, meeting with tutors, house parents and teachers to check on progress and provide regular reports to parents
  • Discuss your child’s end of term school reports with you and liaise with the school to raise and resolve any issues of concern arising from the reports
  • Liaise with the schools to resolve any concerns regarding pastoral care during term-time
  • Assist in arranging holiday revision courses, summer schools or tuition programmes
  • Help your child make important GCSE, IB or A level subject choices
  • Advise on university choices and help with UCAS applications

I loved the renowned Creative Writing degree at the UEA and am now completing my MA at Nottingham. Your mentor was brilliant: inspiring and knowledgable. Thank you!

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