Relocation Support Services


Relocating to London and the UK? Relax while we take care of your education and cultural needs.

We understand that relocating to another country can be challenging and that children are particularly sensitive to changes in their schedule and education. We aim to make your relocation to the UK as smooth as possible.

We offer an expert education advice service for both individuals and families relocating to the UK. This can take the form of advice prior to your move during which our consultants will explain the British culture and the differences you will experience between your own culture and the your new country.  We can also advice on the British education system, school and university application processes and recommend schools or universities . 

We are experienced in advocating for expatriate and international clients families and in delivering sensitive and expert education and cultural support.  

Our Relocation Support Services include:

The provision of bespoke cultural programmes to support your transition to the UK.  Our British Cultural and Expat Transition programmes are tailored to each individual client.  You may require several hours’ consultancy in person or via Skype before relocating.  Or you may prefer a more in-depth programme delivered in person either in your own country or in the UK.  The choice is yours and we work closely with each individual client to determine which option which suit you and your needs.  Our cultural programmes aim to ensure that your move to the UK is smooth and successful.  

  • A schools consultancy and placement service to help you find the best school for your son or daughter. You may opt for an international school with other expat children, or if you are relocating to a capital city like London, you may prefer to keep your children within the education system to which they are accustomed, be this the US education system, the French education system or the British education system. Our consultants are familiar with all international education systems.
  • An in depth assessment of your child to assess his or her level and pinpoint areas which may need work. Assessments can help us to advise you on how to bridge any gaps between education systems.
  • Intensive Home schooling programmes to enable your child to reach the right academic level for British school entry. A longer period of home schooling is available if you wish to give your child time to settle into his or her new home before commencing school, or you are on a waiting list for a place at your chosen school.
  • Tuition in your home country to prepare your child before you move to the UK
    Intensive English tuition for both you and your children either when you arrive in the UK, or in your home country before you leave.

Coming to the London for my husband’s academic sabbatical, we needed help familiarising ourselves with the British education system. The team at Lumos were perfect: no stone was left unturned. More importantly, we really felt that you got to know us as a family and understood our daughter’s specific needs.


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