Tuition programmes


The school environment does not always bring out a child’s best abilities in every subject. Dedicated one to one tuition can achieve outstanding results.  

Before preparing a tuition programme, we will have a detailed discussion with you to ascertain the academic and pastoral needs of your child. At this stage, you may wish to opt for an in-depth academic assessment to pinpoint your child’s strengths, talents and to identify any areas of development for the tutor focus on. 

Following this, we will develop an individual tuition programme focused on the academic and pastoral needs of your child. Our tuition programmes are prepared to build your child’s confidence in his abilities, to give him the best possible chance of success. Our tuition is also designed to encourage intellectual curiosity and a love of learning- it is important that children enjoy learning and their love of learning stay with them throughout their life. We keep you regularly updated on your child’s progress with frequent written reports and meetings. 

Whether your child needs support in preparing for school entrance at 7 plus, 11 plus or 13 plus, or tailored GCSE, IB or A level tuition, we will work with you to design the best programme and arrange tutors suited to your child. 

Our tutoring and mentoring services include: 

Individual tuition programmes focused on the academic and pastoral needs of your child. 

Resident tutors to take care of your child’s education needs whilst you are travelling or overseas. 

Homeschooling programmes  if you would like your child to be tutored in the home environment. 

Online tuition  for flexible learning. 

Mentoring  for extra support if you child is studying at boarding school or university away from home.


I wholeheartedly recommend you! Your tutor immediately put my daughter at her ease, with her gentle, sympathetic approach. She obtained ‘A’s in her GCSEs.


Your tutor was able to really able engage our daughter, whilst increasing her confidence. She went on to achieve the A grade that she really hoped for. I would happily recommend you.


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